Course Rangers have full authority to enforce rules and speed of play. Failure to follow course rules may result in a warning. Repeated violations may result in suspension of cart privileges and suspension of prepaid greens fees.


    • All players and guests must register in the Golf Shop before beginning play.
    • All golfers must maintain a reasonable pace of play; faster players should be invited to play through.
    • Maximum persons allowed in a cart is two. One cart per twosome and two carts to a threesome or foursome.
    • Carts must remain 30 yards away from the greens and on the cart paths where provided.
    • Please repair all ball marks promptly upon reaching green.
    • All golfers must have their own clubs while playing.
    • Please do not use the golf course as a practice range. Play one ball only.
    • All golf carts must have a current cart permit with ID number.
    • All golf carts operating on the course must have turf tires.
    • Private carts used on the course must be electrically powered.
    • Any non-standard sized golf cart must be pre-approved prior to operating on the golf course.
    • Pets are not permitted on the club premises.
    • Range balls are for use on the driving range only.
    • Please repair ball marks, fill divots with sand and rake sand traps to ensure excellent playing conditions for all players.



  • While gas powered golf carts are permitted to be used within the On Top of the World residential communities, they are not allowed to be used on any of the On Top of the World golf courses.
  • All privately-owned golf carts must be permitted by the Resident Service Department of On Top of the World Communities. If they are not permitted, they will not be allowed on any golf course property.
  • Golf carts must remain on the paths on all par 3’s on the courses.
  • The 90 degree rule applies to all par 4’s and par 5’s. (The 90 degree rule is a method that will minimize the amount of time the golf cart will be driven on the turf. Only when the player is directly across from their ball will they leave the cart path and proceed to their ball. After the shot is taken, the player will return directly to the cart path. If it is not practical to do this in order to get to your partners ball, then proceed to his/her ball directly.)
  • Pace of play is expected to be four (4) hours and twelve (12) minutes. All golfers are expected to keep up with the group ahead.



Shirts with sleeves and collars.

Slacks or mid-length shorts.

No denim of any kind.

No knit/athletic shorts.


Sleeveless shirt with collar.

No collar shirt must be short sleeve.

Slacks, skirts, or mid-length shorts.

Candler Hills Golf Course Rules and Regulations


Appropriate social behavior and respectful treatment of others is expected of all staff, golf members, residents and guests while using any of the golf facilities. In the event of violations of the golf rules, as outlined in the member handbook, or inappropriate social behavior by any person using the golf facilities, revocation of golf privileges may occur. Violations of inappropriate social behavior and disrespect of others include but are not limited to the following:

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including abusive language; club throwing; disrespect to staff, volunteers, members, or their guests; or abuse of golf course property.
  • Physical abuse or threat of physical abuse or verbal abuse towards staff, volunteers, members, or their guests.
  • Entering onto private property or being disrespectful to property owners. Failure to follow facility rules and safety protocols.


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